WordPress Maintenance for Small Businesses

We know how important your website is to you and your business, which is why we offer our maintenance plan for only $45 $99 per month.

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Top-notch maintenance service tailored to small businesses.

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Fully Managed

Fully managed WordPress maintenance service

Full Reports

Complete monthly website performance reports.


Access to a dashboard to manage your plan and track your website progress

WordPress specialists for businesses just like yours

Fully Managed WordPress Maintenance from $49/mo $99

Maintaining a high-quality WordPress site takes a lot of your precious time.

The other options are often expensive or unreliable, but here at Tevici Limited, we offer affordable WordPress maintenance services to businesses just like yours.

We can prevent frustrating crashes, secure your data, and make your customers satisfied with browsing your website.

Let's take care of your website

Top-notch maintenance service tailored to small businesses.

What our white label maintenance package includes

Daily Website Backups

We make daily backups of your websites. If your website gets hacked or broken, don't worry, we can restore it in one click.

Theme, Plugin & Core Updates

Don't worry about your website being outdated. We do regular updates of WordPress themes, plugins and cores to keep your website secure.

Speed & Performance

Slow websites sucks right ? Don't worry, Tevici has your back. We optimize the loading time of your website and the size of your images.

Database Optimisation

We regularly optimize your website's database to allow your site to run more smoothly and to avoid malicious intrusions. We ensure the security of your website data.

Malware Removal

You hate viruses? We do too. We do our best to protect your website from viruses, and if you are already infected, we will remove them in a flash.

SPAM Protection

We bet you hate spammers! We have the solution for you. We keep your websites safe from spammers and malicious bots that only harm your websites

Updates to Pages, Images & Text

The homepage needs a little adjustment? Let our WordPress experts take care of it. We are already doing it right now...

Same Day Turnaround

Don't wait for weeks before someone takes your request for a change in the footer or change the size of the logo in the menu.

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