Complete redesign of the PYDA website

“PYDA was among the most impactful TikTok marketing agencies in 2021” – MarketWatch


  • Improve the overall site architecture and navigation to provide a better user experience.

  • Dramatically improve the SEO performance of pages and blog posts.

  • Create a more user-friendly and visual siteweb with a 3D aspect and a Gen Z look

  • Implementation of a fully mobile-friendly website based on WordPress.

  • Improve cache performance and reduce server resources used.

  • Make the whole site from scratch using the Elementor builder, from the design to the contact page.

Phase 1


PYDA, a Canadian TikTok agency specializing in social media advertising, was among the most impactful marketing agencies in the past year, boasting over 50 million impressions throughout its TikTok marketing campaign efforts truly setting the standard for future agencies.

This website redesign project was motivated by the fact of having a website much more focused on their main service, i.e. TikTok Marketing and also focused on the generation Z. The Protoypage was done on a blank Elementor page and presented to the PYDA staff for approval.

Phase 2

Website Style & Branding

As we said before, the design of the website is entirely focused on their main service, i.e. TikTok Marketing and Generation Z. 

So we took inspiration from TikTok’s colors to style the website. We also used 3D characters, like human and alien avatars, because Generation Z is very familiar with 3D animation and figures. For the fonts, we used Montserrat Sans-serif for the titles (H1 to H3) and Lato Sans-serif for the other text (P, Span,).

Phase 3

SEO, Security & Optimization

While building the website, we applied all the right design and programming rules for a better SEO strategy. We used methods and measures to secure the website and also increase the performance of the website without taking more server resources. We also used the best image compression techniques for better loading time on mobile and computer.

From Zero to Hero



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Mohamed Jordan
Mohamed Jordan
Co-Founder PYDA
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